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Thoughts. ❝ There's so much to do . . . ❞

Mood. Calm

Health. 95%

Mentality. 100%

Currently. Filing Paper Work

Location. Castle of Hearts

❝ We must follow the rules, otherwise we will drown in chaos. ❞

✉ Messages. 2

Thoughts. ❝leave starters please-?❞

Muse. 9 / 10

Face Claim. N / A

Reply speed. Slow

Currently. Drawing

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{ ραтяιcια ησятн || 19 үεαяs σℓ∂|| 5 ғσσт 4 ιηcнεs || sεяισυs || ωσякαнσℓιc || sтυввσяη }

Oh Hello there

My name is Patricia North

I am the assistant to the Prime Minister of Hearts

Is there something I can help you with?

❦【 Personality 】❦
On the surface, Patricia may often seem cool and distant to most people, though she has a polite mask. However, this is due to her slight distrust of new people and her general formal tendencies. She prefers to be in control of situations and does her best to keep a calm head in most situations. This can also be because of her tendency to think things through logically. She has a habit of questioning things till they make sense in her mind and she has a rather difficult time keeping that habit under check. She may even suggest a more logical way to do things and can come off as pushy and rude.

Underneath her rather "calm" mask, Patricia is actually a very passionate person and a stubborn one was well. Once she has a task set before her, she will complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible, even putting her own needs aside to make it happen. She is also a very dangerous person as well, she has killed faceless cards when she believed it was needed. As a result the idea of death does not bother her, to a degree, her own death doesnt even bother her. As a result, once angered, she will be quick to lash out. She may give one warning but it will be quickly followed by a gun to the face.

❦【History 】❦
As a child, Patricia had a average life. She was the only girl in a family of boys (other then her mother) and learned to take care of herself fairly quickly. While also due to being the only girl, it was also because she was often the one looked to as the "responsible" one when her parents were away. While her brother did look after them, he would often make careless mistakes that infuriated Patricia to no end. To make up for this, Patricia became the one that always had a plan to follow, or at least tried to think things through logically.

((will be finished))

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