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Location. Carpe Noctem Magic Shop

❝ The world is full of possibilities, it is up to us to make the good ones happen. ❞

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What is Carpe Nocetm?

Carpe Noctem was a magic shop originally designed to help people achieve their deepest wish, but it comes at a price. However, unlike other shops that are similar, if the price is too great then the request is declined. The shop's aim is to show people that magic is a force for good and should be used to help others who cannot help themselves. While also explaining that magic is not to be misused. The place is also excellent for magicians that require help in their magical studies. It is a refuge for many magical books and items that are quite powerful. Most items are kept under various seals and such to protect them until their use is needed. The final purpose for Carpe Noctem is to fight against Contra Infirmus. A powerful group that is out to eradicate most of the non magical population in an attempt to let Magic be a governing force. As a result, the shop is always open for new recruits, be it humans or non humans.

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Welcome to Carpe Noctem Magic shop

We help others achieve thier greatest wish

My name is Patricia North

How may I help you?

❦【 Personality 】❦
On the surface, Patricia may often seem cool and distant to most people, though she has a polite mask. However, this is due to her slight distrust of new people and her general formal tendencies. She prefers to be in control of situations and does her best to keep a calm head in most situations. This can also be because of her tendency to think things through logically. She has a habit of questioning things till they make sense in her mind and she has a rather difficult time keeping that habit under check. She may even suggest a more logical way to do things and can come off as pushy and rude.

Underneath her rather "calm" mask, Patricia is actually a very passionate person and a stubborn one was well. Once she has a task set before her, she will complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible, even putting her own needs aside to make it happen. She is also a very dangerous person, while she has not killed anyone yet, she will not hesitate to do so if someone she cares for is in danger. There has been many times when she has come close to doing so. If it is not obvious, she is someone you do not wish to anger. The quickest way to do so is to illogical moves that will only hinder others in the end, or risk things far more important to her. It will be even worse if you do not listen to her when she speaks.

❦【History 】❦
As a child, Patricia had a average life. She was the only girl in a family of boys (other then her mother) and learned to take care of herself fairly quickly. While also due to being the only girl, it was also because she was often the one looked to as the "responsible" one when her parents were away. While her brother did look after them, he would often make careless mistakes that infuriated Patricia to no end. To make up for this, Patricia became the one that always had a plan to follow, or at least tried to think things through logically.

This showed in school as well. She always did her best to get top marks, though several incidents in her high school years kept her from achieving the valedictorian spot she wanted. It was also due to coming across the Magic Shop Carpe Noctem. There she met the Master Sorcerer known as Sage and after a chat it was decided she would become his first student and personal apprentice.

After graduation High school, She became his full on assistant in the shop and in the running of the grup that met there. The grup was formed to help encourage the magical worls and the non magical world to coexsist and to also combat the enemy group Contra infirmus, headed by Sage's former Master Ancelin. It was after one final battle with Ancelin that Sage lost his life and left the shop in Patricia Care. Since then, she has promised not to let his death be a meaningless one and does her best to continue on the shop in his memory.

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"A... a magic shop?" Uncertainty can be heard in the Japanese woman's voice. It wasn't a voice of disbelief though, because she... knew very well that magic existed. It was more of wariness, because she also knew that not all magic was used for good purposes. "Ah.. I'm afraid I do not follow... could you perhaps explain?" She asked the other who she knew was in the same vicinity as her.
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{{Thank you very much for the watch, your account is just amazing!~ v w v }}
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